Past Events

Ying and Yang – porcelain Tea Cocks

Became part of the permanent collection of Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland following the IAC exhibition and conference in September 2014


A large retrospective exhibition was held at Jonathons, London, ON to celebrate my 80th birthday. This large sculptural bird form is now in the personal collection of Rita and Tom Lauer.

Homage to Stephen

This piece appears to be a 3 dimensional sculpture but in reality, its depth is less than 1/2”. The use of an airbrush has helped to create the illusion. It is now in the permanent collection of London collectors.

Ann Mortimer in Series: June 23rd – August 27, 2012

The exhibition was held in the main gallery of the Art Gallery of Burlington. ON. Curator Jonathan Smith selected examples from several areas of exploration that I had pursued over the past forty years. Included were numerous variations of the basic bird like sculpture, the Maui inspired cups and saucers, perspective wall plates, spheres and umbrellas.

Jingdezhen Treasure is now in the permanent collection of Gail and Ian Brooker.

Ann Mortimer: Birds, Tea Cocks and Umbrellas

Was shown at the David Kaye Gallery, 1092 Queen St. W., Toronto The exhibition opened Thursday evening, June 28th – August 12th, 2012. Blossoms and Dots is now in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington, ON.

Great Umbrella Caper

The inaugural exhibition of the Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON opened on January 27th. Thirty of my porcelain umbrellas were on view until March 18th. 2010.